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south barn in grand teton photography tours

A Great Week for Jackson Hole Photography Tours

I've had a great week with wonderful clients these past few days. The Yellowstone, Sunrise and Night Jackson Hole photography tours do take a certain level of commitment from my clients; mainly the desire to rise early and stay out late!  The reward for this effort is outstanding light conditions and better opportunities to observe wildlife; both of which we had in spades this week. The Grizzly Bears are still being found and the Elk are looking magnificent with their summer coats and antle...

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Bison Winter wildlife tours in Jackson Hole

First Tour to Yellowstone, 2014

I've just concluded my first tour to Yellowstone for the 2014 season. My clients, two avid photographers from California, arrived at the Jackson Hole airport on time and we immediately set out to explore Grand Teton National Park for a half day trip. After shooting some landscapes and waterfowl at the Oxbow bend, we took the inner park loop road to Cascade Canyon to await the sunset. Waiting for the colors to intensify, we discussed that our trip to Yellowstone the next day included an excel...

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Grizzly Bears in grand teton photography tours

South Entrance to Yellowstone

With the south entrance  to Yellowstone now open, the drive to the park from Jackson Hole is now much quicker.  The Grizzly bears have emerged from their long hibernation and are concentrated in the snowless areas around the Lake and Hayden valley areas so I headed there first. I didn't locate any bears on my first pass through the valley and as the light was getting higher I travelled a little farther north to photograph the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River before the colors washed ou...

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Grizzly Bears in grand teton photography tours

Grizzly Bears

Knowing that the Grizzly bears  in Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks had started to emerge from their hibernations, I've been out trying to locate them. I came across this bear in the north end of Teton park; an exciting experience and my first sighting of the year. He emerged out of some willows right at twilight, heading to the river. A typical good news/bad news situation situation for a photographer. Good news is I had a great subject, bad news being the challenge of photographing in low...

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elk in grand teton photography tours

The Return of Spring To Wyoming

The return of Spring to Wyoming is a time for transformation. The monochrome white landscapes of winter begin to green and wildlife become more active. The elk have started to migrate off the National Elk Refuge and the Grizzly's are ending their long hibernation. Many species of birds have already returned this spring, including these Sandhill Cranes. As the snowpack retreats even further, new opportunities begin to unfold. The maintenance crews in both parks have been busy, clearing roads a...

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Trumpeter Swans in grand teton photography tours

Photographing Birds In Flight

A nearby pond often offers great opportunities of photographing birds in flight.  This pond has open water throughout the winter and many species of waterfowl visit. Although the light was fairly flat, I knew that some Trumpeter Swans and Canada geese would be there. I was hoping for some images of take-offs and landings; the birds approach from every angle and having an autofocus 300mm telephoto is certainly helpful. Typical of mountain weather, the clouds broke for a moment and gave a litt...

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bighorn sheep in jackson hole photography tours

Wildlife Tours Jackson Hole

While Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are justly renowned for their wildlife,  wildlife tours around Jackson Hole can be very rewarding with less travel. I had a couple hours of free time one afternoon and was thinking of local photo opportunities. The National Elk refuge lies on the border of the town of Jackson and is always a great area to visit. Miller Butte in the refuge is but a five minute drive from the Town Square and is home to Bighorn Sheep. I was fortunate as these two...

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great gray owl in grand teton photography tours

Impromptu Jackson Hole Wildlife Tour

Returning from a morning shoot up in Grand Teton National Park, I came across this Great Gray owl. Many of our photography tours turn into Jackson Hole wildlife tours quickly! Proved to be a very willing subject by offering many different perches while remaining close enough to fill the frame. A few times the owl was actually too close for my 700mm lens and I needed to back off. A nice problem to have as all too often wildlife seems to be just out of reach. ...

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