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The Return of Spring To Wyoming

elk in grand teton photography tours

The return of Spring to Wyoming is a time for transformation. The monochrome white landscapes of winter begin to green and wildlife become more active. The elk have started to migrate off the National Elk Refuge and the Grizzly's are ending their long hibernation. Many species of birds have already returned this spring, including these Sandhill Cranes. As the snowpack retreats even further, new opportunities begin to unfold. The maintenance crews in both parks have been busy, clearing roads and making more areas accessible. The inner park road in Grand Teton is now open to non-motorized traffic and on April 18th the roads in Yellowstone from Mammoth to Old Faithful; Madison to the West Entrance; and Norris to Canyon are scheduled to open. It won't be long now for spring to fully arrive; the long winter of 2014 finally seems to be over.