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Wildlife Photography Tours

Great Gray Owl at wildlife photography Tours by alpenglow tours

Wildlife Photography Tours

Grand Teton National Park is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, and this tour will concentrate on photographing these extraordinary animals in their natural habitats.

Frequent encounters:

  • Moose

  • Bison

  • Elk

  • Pronghorn

  • Swans

Less frequent encounters:

  • Black bears
  • Fox
  • Coyote
  • Bald eagles

Occasional encounters that require a bit more luck:

  • Grizzly bears
  • Gray wolves

Our process helps reduce a lot of non-productive driving and greatly increases your chances of locating wildlife.

The months of May and June, as well as the fall months, are ideal for wildlife tours as the park is less crowded and the animals are more active in the cooler temperatures. The fall months bring bugling elk to the park and is a highlight of the year.

July and August are also excellent and the winter months offer easier viewing as the animals are less mobile and silhouetted against the snow. To bring our subjects closer, my tours also include a spotting scope and a pair of binoculars for your use.

Trip Details

Duration: 5 hours, Full-Day: 8 hours
Rates: $595 for a half day and $895 for a full day. Private tour rates are for 1-4 people.
Departure: Half day: Early morning or late afternoon; Full day: Early morning
Season: Year-round
Park entrance fees are not included

What’s Included:

  • Binoculars and Spotting Scope
  • Gitzo Tripod and Monopod
  • Box Lunches (Full Day)
  • Organic snacks and beverages
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Hotel Pick-up


Half Day:

The itinerary will remain open and dynamic; we go where the animals are! Depending on your schedule, these tours begin at either dawn or dusk which are the hours that wildlife are the most active. These hours also provide the best possible shooting light.

Full Day:

A full day tour begins with an early morning pickup, proceeding into Grand Teton National Park. While I do have some “ace in the hole” locations that we’ll visit , we may go directly to a recent day’s sighting for quick success.

The full day tours offer more time for exploration, and perhaps a few landscape shots to round out your portfolio.

pika in jackson hole photography tours

A Rewarding Wildlife Opportunity

I chose the wildlife tour. Great choice.

Brad provided bean bags for shooting out of the vehicles windows and positioned the vehicle so I could get good shots.
Brad’s knowledge of the animal habits and whereabouts was invaluable. I was able to capture decent shots of a moose, abundant pronghorn and a badger.

– Bill R.

Northern Harrier Hawk at wildlife photography Tours by alpenglow tours

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Wildlife are hard to spot if you don’t know where to look. Take advantage of Brad’s decades of experience to ensure you see more of this area’s amazing wildlife during your stay.