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Full Day Grand Teton Tours

Full Day Grand Teton Tours

Spend a day photographing the geological wonder of the Teton Range and its diverse wildlife.

These mountains are some of the youngest in the world, yet comprised of 2.7 billion year old rocks which are among the oldest in North America. The peaks rise approximately 7,000 vertical feet from the valley floor with no foothills obstructing the view. The park’s 310,000 acres offer many diverse locations to take in the Teton splendor.

Glaciers and erosion carved and shaped the park, creating lakes, rivers and forests which provide habitat for wildlife. Beyond scenery, we frequently see moose, pronghorn, and bison as well as a number of bird species including waterfowl and raptors like the bald eagle.

Trip Details

Duration: 8 or 10 hours
Rates: $1495 for the split full day, $995 for the eight-hour tour. Private tour rates are for 1-4 people.
Departure: Varies by month, plan on leaving the hotel before daybreak
Season: Year-round
Park entrance fees are not included

What’s Included:

  • Binoculars and Spotting Scope
  • Gitzo Tripod and Monopod
  • Box Lunches 
  • Organic snacks and beverages
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Hotel Pick-up


AlpenGlow Tours offers two different trips for a day in Grand Teton National Park.

SPLIT FULL-DAY: You’ll photograph during both the sunrise and sunset hours, taking a deserved break mid-day.  Each session lasts about five hours. Best tour for wildlife viewing and lighting.

EIGHT-HOUR TOUR: The full-day trip begins before dawn and is approximately 8 hours long. While this trip is a bit shorter, it still allows plenty of time to explore the Tetons. Best if you have other commitments in the afternoon and evening.

Either full-day tour of Grand Teton National Park departs early in order to get on location and prepared to capture the sunrise as it first brushes the Tetons.

Every day brings unique opportunities. Thus we never maintain a strict schedule, remaining flexible to take advantage of the current conditions. The scenery is always magnificent, and these are some favorite potential stops:

  • Mormon Row to photograph the world-famous Moulton barns.
  • Snake River Overlook, made famous by landscape photographer Ansel Adams.
  • Signal Mountain and Jackson Lake.
  • Wildlife stops — at sunset and sunrise, you’re more likely to see bears, elk, bison and more.
  • Jenny Lake with it’s incredible view of Cascade Canyon.

  • String Lake with its crystalline waters and towering mountains across the lake.
  • Moose-Wilson Road (famous for moose and black bear sightings).

After breaking for lunch, the split-day tour continues to the park to photograph its features in a different light. It also offers another great opportunity for wildlife as the animals are most active during the morning and evening hours.

Great Photography Experience

Brad did a great job of taking us to some amazing vistas and locating a broad variety of wildlife. We got some great photos, and were able to experience a lot. We had an amazing time.

– Charlie C.

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