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About Us

Decades of Experience

With more than 3 decades of intensive photography experience in Jackson Hole, Brad Schwarm is well-equipped to take clients on photography tours of this remarkable valley and Grand Teton National Park.

Brad’s experience and knowledge of the area play a significant role in ensuring that participants have the best opportunities to capture the stunning light and wildlife in the Tetons.

The experience you get on an AlpenGlow tour combines your photography goals from learning to locations and set you up on a custom quest to get the tour you want. And go home with the stunning photos you desire.

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You have a good idea of what you want in a photography tour. I just make it happen. And beyond your expectations.

Each day in Grand Teton National Park is unique. That’s why every AlpenGlow Tours trip is built around the season, current opportunities, and the best lighting conditions. All while optimizing your day around the animals, lighting and views you’d like to capture so you walk away with a memorable custom experience.

Beyond that, each trip is private so you have my undivided attention. You don’t have to share your day or itinerary with others, whose ideas of the ideal tour may differ from yours.

From beginner to expert

While serious photographers paradoxically may walk away with the most new knowledge to implement, it’s my mission to deepen your skills and enhance your photo opportunities no matter where you’re at on your photographic journey.

Heck, you don’t even need to care about photography to have a great time on an AlpenGlow tour.

Anyone interested in exploring and learning about the abundance of wonders of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem is welcome. Numerous visitors come to this area annually, but so many just drive through without experiencing the best places and wildlife offerings.

Leave the planning to me and enjoy a relaxing day observing the wildlife and scenery of this spectacular region. Just remember to bring your camera, phone or point and shoot!

Wildlife sightings and tours

People ask me all the time if I can guarantee wildlife sightings on this tour. I can unequivocally say “yes.” After thousands of days exploring their habitat, I know when and where to find the wildlife you’re dying to see. Especially since previous days’ sightings inform where to go each day.

While I can’t promise you’ll encounter a specific animal, you’ll have opportunities to view and photograph wildlife you might not otherwise see.

Why here?

I came here with my camera in 1989. I haven’t yet run out of inspiring new experiences or places. The lighting and wildlife are ever changing, and it’s been my pleasure to share these adventures with others.

You truly need to see Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to appreciate it. Particularly with someone who knows the ropes.
In fact, early explorers like mountain man Jim Bridger were branded as liars or exaggerators when describing the area.

It was the paintings of Thomas Moran and William Henry Jacksons’ photographs that prompted Congress to set aside these natural wonders “For the benefit and enjoyment of the people.”

I’ve spent several decades roaming this awe inspiring area. I’m fascinated daily with the changing moods and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.


Brad Schwarm

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Take a private photography tour built around your interests and the best available lighting, wildlife viewing opportunities and more. Watch your photography improve as you build up great memories from your custom tour.

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