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Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears in grand teton photography tours

Knowing that the Grizzly bears  in Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks had started to emerge from their hibernations, I've been out trying to locate them. I came across this bear in the north end of Teton park; an exciting experience and my first sighting of the year. He emerged out of some willows right at twilight, heading to the river. A typical good news/bad news situation situation for a photographer. Good news is I had a great subject, bad news being the challenge of photographing in low light. I bumped the ISO up to 2000 to be able to set the shutter at 1/500 second. With the long lens this about the slowest shutter speed I can use and still achieve sharp images. Although the images I shot where underexposed, a little tweak in Lightroom for exposure and noise reduction cleaned them up.