Beginning Photography

Beginning Photography Tour

I’m fortunate to have one of the nicest classrooms in the world, Grand Teton National Park. With the spectacular scenery providing inspiration, we'll work on improving your artistic and technical skills.

Some of the topics we will cover include the rule of thirds for composition, lighting, and technical aspects such as metering and focus techniques. The triangle of exposure (shutter speed, f-stop and ISO) will be explored for the different effects each component contributes to the final image. As different filters can often enhance your image, we’ll compare the results with and without the filters. If your camera has adjustable white balance settings, we’ll want to discuss the best settings for different lighting conditions. Depending on the software you use for post capture , there is a good deal of image manipulation that can be done. There are some great tools available but its important to record the best possible original image. For those with post production software, some tips on workflow will be offered.


After pickup, we’ll discuss your experience and what you are trying to achieve with your photography. Once we’ve arrived on location, I’ll be at your elbow, offering any advice that is asked for. I don’t want you to take a picture how I might, but rather help you achieve the image you see. One of the nicest things about digital photography is the instant review; we’ll analyze your shots and make adjustments if necessary. Each location we visit offers unique photographic challenges and we’ll continue the process of shooting and reviewing throughout the tour. There are unlimited ways to photograph a subject and I’m certain that at the end of this tour you’ll be better prepared to capture your moments.

  • Binoculars and Spotting Scope
  • Gitzo Tripod and Monopod
  • Box Lunches (Full Day)
  • Organic snacks and beverages
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Duration: 5 hours for half day, 8 hours for full day
  • Rates:$695/ half day, $995/ full day. As all tours are private, the rates are for the total trip and not per person pricing
  • Departure time: Varies by trip and season
  • Season: Year round
  • * Park entrance fees are not included

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AlpenGlow Beginning Photography Tour

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