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Grand Teton Wildlife Tours – Grizzly Bears

Photographing Grizzly Bears

Spring is one of my favorite times to offer Grand Teton wildlife tours, for this season gives us the best opportunity to photograph Grizzly Bears. While we’ve had plenty of snow this winter in the Grand Teton area, the bears are now coming out of hibernation. The Grizzlies tend to remain in a smaller area to conserve energy while searching for food, and I expect them to be accessible until mid June.

In my opinion, the Grizzly is true symbol of the American West. There is nothing quite like seeing a wild bear in the beautiful surroundings of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

In addition to photographing bears, Spring is a wonderful time for other wildlife species. The Elk, Pronghorn and Bison are giving birth, and the Raptors have returned to the area. While a wildlife tour will concentrate primarily on the animals, we will also have the opportunity for some landscape photography. The Tetons look great this time of year, with a full covering of snow contrasted by the new vegetation.

Grand Teton Wildlife Tours

If you are interested in Grizzly Bears or the many other species of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, I hope you can join me on a tour.  You’ll be sure to have the best opportunity to get some amazing wildlife shots.  See a typical tour itinerary here.

Wildlife Tours Jackson Hole

While Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are justly renowned for their wildlife,  wildlife tours around Jackson Hole can be very rewarding with less travel. I had a couple hours of free time one afternoon and was thinking of local photo opportunities. The National Elk refuge lies on the border of the town of Jackson and is always a great area to visit. Miller Butte in the refuge is but a five minute drive from the Town Square and is home to Bighorn Sheep. I was fortunate as these two sheep had come down off the butte and were feeding near the road, allowing for some frame-filling images.

I’d heard that some Mountain Goats had been spotted near the town of Alpine, Wy, about a 45 minute drive from Jackson. I left early, wanting to locate the goats and be on location by the time the light reached the canyon wall. The goats were there and it was a thrill to observe and photograph them on a day that felt like spring