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Grizzly Bears

Knowing that the Grizzly bears ┬áin Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks had started to emerge from their hibernations, I’ve been out trying to locate them. I came across this bear in the north end of Teton park; an exciting experience and my first sighting of the year. He emerged out of some willows right at twilight, heading to the river. A typical good news/bad news situation situation for a photographer. Good news is I had a great subject, bad news being the challenge of photographing in low light. I bumped the ISO up to 2000 to be able to set the shutter at 1/500 second. With the long lens this about the slowest shutter speed I can use and still achieve sharp images. Although the images I shot where underexposed, a little tweak in Lightroom for exposure and noise reduction cleaned them up.