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A Great Week for Jackson Hole Photography Tours

I’ve had a great week with wonderful clients these past few days. The Yellowstone, Sunrise and Night Jackson Hole photography tours do take a certain level of commitment from my clients; mainly the desire to rise early and stay out late!  The reward for this effort is outstanding light conditions and better opportunities to observe wildlife; both of which we had in spades this week. The Grizzly Bears are still being found and the Elk are looking magnificent with their summer coats and antlers in velvet growing quickly. The Jackson Hole valley is incredibly green and lush right now with the wildflowers also making their spring appearance. One of the great benefits to the Jackson area is our weather: the typical forecast for the summer months is mostly sunny with a chance for afternoon showers. If it does happen to rain the storms tend to pass quickly and the clouds associated with these storms can add a dramatic element to the already majestic landscapes. Like all photographers I’m looking forward to another great week next!

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