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Grand Teton Wildlife Tours – Grizzly Bears

Photographing Grizzly Bears Spring is one of my favorite times to offer Grand Teton wildlife tours, for this season gives us the best opportunity to photograph Grizzly Bears. While we've had plenty of snow this winter in the Grand Teton area, the bears are now coming out of hibernation. The Grizzlies tend to remain in a smaller area to conserve energy while searching for food, and I expect them to be accessible until mid June. In my opinion, the Grizzly is true symbol of the American West. T...

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First Tour to Yellowstone, 2014

I've just concluded my first tour to Yellowstone for the 2014 season. My clients, two avid photographers from California, arrived at the Jackson Hole airport on time and we immediately set out to explore Grand Teton National Park for a half day trip. After shooting some landscapes and waterfowl at the Oxbow bend, we took the inner park loop road to Cascade Canyon to await the sunset. Waiting for the colors to intensify, we discussed that our trip to Yellowstone the next day included an excel...

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