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Fall in the Tetons

My favorite time of year is almost here, Fall in Grand Teton National Park. There are almost unlimited landscape photo opportunities with the Aspen and Cottonwood trees turning gold, against the backdrop of the majestic Tetons. The light stays warmer longer, and the skies are a deeper blue. Animals are much more active as the temperature cools, and can be very accessible. Fall is the perfect time of year for a Grand Teton wildlife tour.

The first big wildlife event of the Fall Season is the Elk rut. Typically, Elk are out grazing during the very low light conditions of early morning and late dusk, but during the mating season they tend to stay out of the trees longer during the golden hours of light. In addition to the wonderful visuals, there is nothing quite like hearing a big Bull Elk bugle!

While the Bull Moose have started to leave the river bottoms already, the best time to see and photograph them begins in early October and continues until they shed their antlers in mid January. They can be very approachable, and I really love the clean backgrounds that occur when the Moose gather in the open Sage meadows.

If you are interested in exploring Grand Teton National Park during the magical Fall season, I hope you can join me on a Grand Teton wildlife tour.  You’ll be sure to have the best opportunity to get some amazing wildlife and landscape shots.  All tours are private and can be customized. Please see information and our typical itinerary here.

Jackson Hole Fall Colors

Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and the Jackson Hole fall colors are amazing right now!  The valley is full of yellows from the Cottonwood and Aspen trees, contrasting nicely with the greens of the Pines.  The cool nights and bright days we’ve had in September have brought the colors to a peak, and the occasional thunderstorms bring some dramatic lighting to the area.  Just south of Jackson, the Snake River Canyon and Palisade Reservoir have an abundance of reds among the hillsides. I enjoy shooting in the early morning, although the light is staying nice longer with the lower angle of the sun.

The mornings are also a prime time for viewing wildlife, Moose, Elk and Bison are all in the heat of the rut and are quite active.  The Moose – Wilson road has seen some periodic closures due to bear activity; I’m hoping for some more bear sightings now that some have left the higher elevations.  With the Jackson Hole fall colors at their best and increased wildlife activity, now is a great time to be in the area.  It really doesn’t matter which way you point your vehicle, photo opportunities abound! For more images, please visit my gallery.