Multi-Day Yellowstone Photography Tours

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a vast area, and to truly experience this region requires multiple days and a stay within Yellowstone. Available year round, private custom multi-day tours are designed to give ample time to explore and photograph the natural wonders of the areas 13 million acres.



During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, a typical excursion would include a full day in Grand Teton National Park followed by two days in Yellowstone. These three day tours offer an outstanding introduction to the parks and may be lengthened to suit your travel itinerary.

The first day of the tour will include photographing landscapes and wildlife in Grand Teton National Park. I usually break this day into two sessions. Up early to catch the sunrise, then a break for lunch while the light is not ideal. We will meet again in the late afternoon and shoot until sunset.

With two or more days to explore Yellowstone, we will be able to cover much of the parks 2.2 million acres. The first day is typically spent along the Lower Loop, visiting the Lake area, Hayden Valley, Canyon and the Lower Falls. Norris, Lower and Midway Geyser Basins will also be visited.

Day two finds the tour in the northern portion of the park. After photographing the Mammoth Terrace area, we'll head to the Lamar Valley which is one of America's best locations for wildlife. From Lamar the trip crosses over Dunraven Pass and back to the Hayden Valley, another great wildlife area. While this day is usually more of a wildlife photography session, there will be ample opportunities to photograph scenics. The tour typically concludes back in Jackson, Wy.

If you are interested in a multiple day tour, it is necessary to plan early. Lodging accommodations inside of Yellowstone are usually filled by the end of April for the summer.

  • Binoculars and Spotting Scope
  • Gitzo Tripod and Monopod
  • Organic snacks and beverages
  • Airport and Hotel Pick-up
  • Prices are available upon request; the rates for multiple day tours vary depending on the length of the tour, lodging, accommodations, and extras such as snow coach trips.
  • Cancellation Policy: Full refunds will be issued to cancellations made 120 days prior to tour date. For cancellations made 120 – 60 days prior to the start of the workshop, a full refund will be given if the slot can be re-booked. Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the tour are not refundable.
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Multi-Day Yellowstone Photography Tour

Take your time experiencing and capturing the vast Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

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